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The Android apps inside the way of life category
are primarily tools that may help make your life
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Listed here are ten of the greatest free Android lifestyle apps:

craigsphone (craigslist)

This totally free Android app allows you to access
Craiglist, the well-known classified ads web site, using your Android telephone.
You are able to do quite a lot anything- from browsing the ads to even posting an ad complete with photographs from your phone!
Useful and convenient, Craigsphone is really a need to for
folks like myself who cannot go several hours without checking around the products obtainable on CL!


This can be an excellent totally free Android lifestyle app if you
like dining out and attempting new areas.
OpenTable can help you find the very best restaurants near you.
You are able to even make use of the app to book reservations and view
the restaurant's menu (also as access critiques that will help
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10001 Cocktails

This app has every drink imaginable and they are broken down by
liquor type. When you're browsing through the a large number of
drinks, should you see 1 you like, simply add it to "My Drinks"
so that you can use it later! There are numerous uses for this app
and endless possibilities when it would be handy to have along.
All I know is it is great to have along for bar hopping!


Why am I listing two of the same sort apps on this list?
Simply because they're both incredible and I'm torn to pick just among these
fantastic apps. I've both on my Android telephone and several could feel
it is a bit excessive, but when it is celebration time, nobody would complain! With an amazing search function and also the ability to let customers post and rate/review recipes,
Bartender is amongst the best totally free Android apps

My Honey Days

Probably not what you'd expect from this list of free Android life-style apps, My Days is definitely
an app designed for ladies. It could predict your ovulation and fertility schedules.
If you're attempting to get pregnant, this free Android app
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Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer

This free of charge Android way of life app is exactly what its name says: an excellent stopwatch.
It really has each and every possible function you could think
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Again, another totally free Android app that does exactly what its name says.
This app even allows you to view predictions for
previous days (so you'll be able to check whether the horoscope was accurate or not).
If you are into this sort of factor, which I am
not, this is most likely your best bet. All I can say is that this app functions
well and looks fantastic. As far as the content goes- effectively you be the judge!

Layar Reality Browser

This really is one of the much more ingenious apps on this
list. It is extremely popular for good reason.
It really is an app that's not the easiest to describe.
I'll just say this- download it and mess around with
it- you won't be disappointed!

Relax and Sleep

If listening to something helps you fall asleep, this really is a fantastic app for you.
There's quite a range of noises, sounds and music downloader
for android
that will help you get into a more relaxed state.

This can be a great Android app for those of us who need to make the most of our "unwind time"!

My Tracks

This app was developed by the My Tracks Team at Google.
Being a Google app, we have certain expectations and this app definitely meets or exceeds them!

This Android app records your GPS movements and shows live statistics like speed, time,
distance travelled and much more. It really
is like having an expensive portable GPS device with
you at all times for Free of charge! Fairly awesome app.

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