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Let the Games begin. The opening ceremony has been run and won and the real business of the Games is next on the menu.
Danny Boyle's show here at the Olympic Stadium was as eclectic as it was divisive, judging by the comment thread below.
James Mosley scored 20 points and Emeka Okenwa added 19 to lead The Master's College to a 103 55 victory over Patten in a nonconference men's
basketball game Thursday night at Newhall. Mosley
(nine of 13) and Okenwa (eight of 10) helped the Mustangs (6
2) make 65.6% (40 of 61) of their shots. Louis Rams receiver Austin Pettis, an Orange Lutheran grad,
is hosting a charity basketball game on March 28, followed by a free camp for middle school and high school athletes on March 29.

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